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Citronella Spray Lotion

Product approved by and registered with Health Canada as an insect repellant. Easily sprays on to the skin, the hair, objects inside the tent or the cottage. Easy to use on any occasion. In full action, it resists sweat. One does not fear spraying it on the skin nor on plastic articles, because it does not contain any DEET.

Active ingredients:
In addition to its insect repellent effect, this lotion contains essential oils of geranium and tea tree for their antibacterial effects as well as coconut oil extract to hydrate the skin.

Other uses:
Citronella essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which will help to relieve possible punctures. In aromatherapy, its actions as a disinfectant (neutralizing) and deodorant are well known. A balancing and calming effect was also noted from this versatile oil. You can also use this spray to control body odors. In the house, you can use it to repel both flying and crawling insects.

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